£18 Standard DBS Check + £27 Handling fee = £45 Total

£38 Enhanced DBS Check + £27 Handling fee = £65 Total

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Safety Net is a registered charity that works to keep children and young people safe from harm and abuse. We work with children, families, schools and neighbourhoods, building communities where children know they have the right to feel safe and adults are actively involved in protecting them from harm.
We are based in Brighton & Hove but can process applications from not for profit organisations or companies across the UK.
We process paper-based forms and can provide an ID checking service at our Portslade offices.
Safety Net offer a personal DBS service where you can speak to us about your DBS checking requirements to inform your recruitment decision and comply with your legal obligations.

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Teresa Fletcher

Manor Offices Emmaus
Drove Road
East Sussex
BN41 2PA

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