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£26 Standard DBS Check + £14 Handling fee = £40 Total

£44 Enhanced DBS Check + £14 Handling fee = £58 Total

The handling charge if your organisation submits up to 99 applications per month is £14 each.
For any applications submitted between 100 and 150 the charge is £13 per application. For any applications over 150 the charge is £12 per application.


All applications are submitted via our electonic system, reducing the turn around time of applications to an average on 3.5 days. The handling charge remains the same as above

Price for additional services

REED Screening are able to offer a variety of Screening solutions including reference checks, right to work checks and other role specific checks. Please contact the number provided for additional information

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ID Checks
Update Service Checks
Credit Checks
Right to Work checks
Full or partial pre-employment vetting

There are many benefits to using a experienced screening provider like Reed Screening to conduct your checks. We can enhance your productivity through the provision of comprehensive and cost effective service. As a registered umbrella body, you will find that we deliver a professional and tailored DBS service , ensuring that your employees are appropriately police checked. This will prove both cost and time effective regardless of the size of your organisation .

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