£23 Standard DBS Check + £5 Handling fee = £28 Total

£40 Enhanced DBS Check + £5 Handling fee = £45 Total

Up to 100% free admin credit applied when paying in advance.


£0 - £5 Admin Charge
Up to 100% free admin credit applied when paying in advance.
Easy to understand and quick to complete online system,
quick and easy sign up,
get your staff into work faster,
built in on-line tracker system,
easy to request an adult first,
easy to pay with online credits,
flags mistakes as you go along (so no more going backwards and forwards with missing information),
no hidden costs.

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Free training provided, Free Tracking Service

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Get your staff into work faster than ever with our online DBS checking service, benefits include:
a quick and easy process for registering a company,
very easy to understand and quick to use,
everything is done in one place,
built in tracking system (know exactly which stage your application is at),
no hassle Adult First requests,
self checking, fixes mistakes as you go along (no more delays due to missing information).

Online DBS check results
Using our online DBS system ourselves, we know getting online DBS results back can be blazingly fast.
In October for example, some of the applications we sent, we got results in under 24 hours from the DBS! How is that for fast?

As we connect directly to the Government Gateway we get responses in a fraction of the time of normal paper applications. They are also easier to track and monitor.
If you are still waiting for Paper applications, change now and stop worrying as to where your DBS applications are and if they have been lost or delayed.

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