Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk


£18 Standard DBS Check + £11 Handling fee = £29 Total

£38 Enhanced DBS Check + £11 Handling fee = £49 Total

The handling charge for ad-hoc users of the service will be £15 per check. The handling charge will be £11 per for regular users.

In order that the forms are received by the Council correctly for checking and dispatch training will be provided with a one off £30 fee for full training or £15 guidance fee for ad-hoc users.

Price for additional services

We can provide an additional Disclosure Tracking Services for which there will be a handling fee of £15 per application.

Where we work


  1. Norfolk

What we do


  1. Education
  2. Leisure & Sport
  3. Drivers & Transport
  4. Charity & Volunteers

Specialist services

  1. Advice / Guidance /Training

Contact details

Stephanie Allison

Kings Court
Chapel Street
Kings Lynn
PE30 1EX

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